Friday, July 29, 2011

Party Pics

 %  Here are some shots from my last Harry Potter Party  %
This is the entrance to my apartment building
Surprises in the cupboard under the stairs
Harry says Goodbye to my lovely party goers
Al wields the Sword of Godric Gryffindor
The Doctor shows up at Hogwarts!
The Doctor gets sorted!
Cauldron Cakes!
Meredith gets sorted
Leah and Darci make an appearance
The Cauldron Cakes that Heather made
Billy, Heather, and me
The floating candles in the Great Hall
Billy, Heather, me, and Kyla in Gryffindor Tower
The Great Hall
Kyla, me, and Meredith

Rhys paying fashion homage to Snape
Billy scoffs at Rhys
Meredith comes prepared
been Liz gets attacked by the Monster Book of Monsters
Potions Class is set up in the kitchen
The House Points set up in the Great Hall
My lovely party goers
The feast in the Great Hall
The feast on my disguised drafting table
Me and the Boy in Gryffindor Tower
Divination Class
Divination Class set up in my kitty nook
Potions Class in the Kitchen
Gryffindor Tower
Sword of Godric Gryffindor hangs on the Boy's guitar hanger
House Points
Gryffindor Tower
The Gryffindor Common Room in my living room
Great Hall decor
Sorting Ceremony
Great Hall
Brit getting sorted
Darci getting sorted

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank You Harry

It has been four years since my first Harry Potter party and six years since I first started planning it. My husband and I moved from our three bedroom house to a tiny one bedroom apartment last summer so I didn't throw a Harry Potter party for the seventh movie. I thought it would be impossible with such a small space. 

But as part 2 was approaching, I was faced with a terrible dread- the only remaining door into Hogwarts was about to close forever and I, a loyal and dedicated fan, was in danger of letting it shut without much fanfare. So with very little time (about a week and a half) I pulled out and dusted off all my old party stuff and did what I could to transform my tiny space into a piece of Hogwarts.

The party was set to take place on Friday, July 15th at 7:30 pm. The day before, I arrived at the theatre at 8:00 am to ensure I was first in line for the 12:01 am showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The film was beautiful and brilliant and devastatingly sad. I was a complete wreck during most of it and afterwards I was a husk of a human being.

The day of my party began with a groan. I had cried myself to sleep and woke up with a puffy face and wild hair. My dad came over to bring me the paper's review of the film and a very impressive camera that he no longer needed and so decided to give it to me. I still had many errands to run before the party got started, but it was quite difficult because I couldn't manage to go very long without bursting into tears for apparently no reason. My grief even managed to explode a veggie tray at the supermarket, sending me into a stammering, teary apology.

Once the party kicked off and people started showing up ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I began feeling a bit better, but always on the cusp of another breakdown. Hufflepuff looked like they may lose the House Cup for the first time by swarm of Ravenclaws that were in attendance, but my industrious best friend was not about to have her perfect streak broken at the last party. Hufflepuff pulled out a win by a mere 10 points making them the champions of all five of my Harry Potter theme parties. 

It's been nearly a week and all the decor is still up. I am loathe to take it down just yet. Now that the parties are over, and in an attempt to force myself to move on, I have offered to give all of my party stuff away to my party goers. I no longer have room to store all of it, nor do I have the heart to try and keep it going only to watch people's interest wane what with no more books or movies to look forward to. 

I have started re-reading the books from the beginning (for, like, the dozenth time) and I have started looking into the cost of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. I so desperately don't want to say goodbye forever. 

Harry Potter has my heart. I will never be able to invest myself so completely in another fandom. Thank you for all the beautiful memories, Harry. Let's not say goodbye just yet.
Image from The Heir of Blair

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Invites and the Marauder's Map

The invitations for my party were fashioned to resemble Hogwarts Acceptance Letters as closely as possible. After seeing Britta's amazing Marauder's Map, I just HAD to make my own. Each student received one with their letters. The envelopes were sealed with a wax "H" stamp
But first, I sent out Save the Date Cards to give my students plenty of time to move their schedules around. I mailed them Molly Weasley style with many, many postage stamps!
 The Marauder's Map was truly a labor of love. I designed it to be both impressively detailed as well as informative. This map would include information on the date and time of the party, my address, directions to my house, and a map OF my house. 

Owl Post

In addition to winning House Points for each challenge, students also won prizes delivered by Owl Post! To keep each winner from being encumbered by their winnings, I set up a goodie bag for each student to keep their prizes in. When a prize was won, it was given to a house elf who then put it in the proper bag to be taken at the end of the party. 
Each prize was wrapped in brown butcher paper, tied with string, and labeled with decorative tag! Hedwig was perched atop the pile of parcels.
The prizes, and what they were awarded for, were as follows:
Time Turner Necklaces and Sticker Books for Care of Magical Creatures
Patron Tequila for Potions
Joke Wand for Trivia
HP Journals and Pens for Divination
Quidditch Goggles for Snitch Seeking
HP Bookmarks and Cockroach Clusters for Snape's Potions Challenge
A Gold Trophy with "House Cup 2007" engraved on it for having the most House Points!