Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Care of Magical Creatures

My backyard was utilized for Care of Magical Creatures Class.

I decided to recreate the challenge that Hagrid set up for one of his classes during which he hid leprechaun gold on the grounds and gave each student a Niffler to hunt down the coins, rewarding the student whose Niffler found the most gold!

Nifflers are described as black, furry anteater-like creatures who are notoriously effective treasure hunters. For this class, I would need eight Nifflers on leads, gold coins, and little bags for the students to put their coins in. 

I purchased plain canvas bags from a hobby store and used the leftover trim in House colors that I had used for the Great Hall table runners to make each one distinctive.
Plastic gold coins were easy enough to find. I got a few bags from a costume store. The Nifflers themselves were going to be the trickiest nut to crack. After much brainstorming, I settled on making them from styrofoam shapes, monster fur, pipe cleaners, craft foam, googlie eyes, and long floral reeds (to be used as the leashes).
Each student was given a Niffler and canvas bag and traipsed through my backyard in search of coins. Even in the blazing heat with bugs biting at everyone's ankles, a great time was had by all and the competition got pretty fierce. 

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