Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Hall: Part 2

The Great Hall was arguably the most difficult room to put together so I've broken it up into several posts.
This Great Hall post is all about the dinnerware. I despise disposable dinnerware so I was determined to find an economical alternative. If you can believe it, all of the antique silver I used for the food cost me less than ten dollars! Thank god for flea markets!!
The next challenge was to find plates, glasses, and silverware on the cheap without resorting to plastic. I was dead set on having Hogwarts official China and I figured the cheapest way to go would be to find gold chargers that could be painted and top them with clear glass plate so that the Hogwarts crest could still be seen. So that's what I did! I got stencil sheets and traced the crest with my exacto knife.
Then I laid out my stencil on the charger, covered the rest of the plate with paper, and spray painted it silver.

I was fortunate enough to find glass plates, bowls, and goblets at a discount store for less than 50 cents a piece! so I snatched up several sets. At the same store, I found gold flatware for a really great price, so I grabbed that as well! 

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