Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Hall: Part 3

The Great Hall was arguably the most difficult room to put together so I've broken it up into several posts. 
My first party was very structured. There were only eight guests, two for each house. And there was a proper Hogwarts feast. To ensure each student sat with their respective housemate, I purchased inexpensive taupe table runners and several lengths of braided trim in each of the primary house colors. I simply hot glued the trim to the edges of each runner and voila! 
As a cute extra detail, I made little drink markers for everyone's goblets by attaching celestial charms to floral wire and curling the wire around a lipstick tube!
 One detail that had me stressing out was the house points. In the books they are described as being giant hour glasses filled with colored gems. Well even a small approximation of such a thing was going to be impossible to find. So I ended up getting a set of four hanging vases and bags of colored squashed marbles instead. Not perfect, but it did the job. I was also given a set of four plaques that had startlingly appropriate shields on each for the four houses. A lion for Gryffindor, a two-headed bird for Ravenclaw, a strange serpent for Slytherin, and a castle with medal for Hufflepuff (I decided this could be a symbol of loyalty since there was no badger plaque). 

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