Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Hall: Part 4

The Great Hall was arguably the most difficult room to put together so I've broken it up into several posts.
One of the funnest things to make were the floating candles for the Great Hall. I remember being so enchanted by their descriptions in the books and seeing them in the films. It just wouldn't be the Great Hall without them.

I contemplated for a long time how I was going to pull off the floating candles. My dream of course would be to have actual illuminated ones, but that was turning out to be a task outside of my wheelhouse. So I ended up using real taper candles, orange and yellow cellophane, invisible thread, t-top pins, hot glue, and clear tacks.

I cut many, many flame shapes out of cellophane. I then stuck a t-top pin into the tip of each candle and tied a length of invisible thread to the pin. A dab of hot glue was applied to each side of the pin and a piece of yellow flame and a piece of orange flame was pinched onto the glue. 
when the thread was tied to a tack and hung from the ceiling, the effect was pretty amazing. I covered the Great Hall ceiling with a night sky wall cover for extra effect.

 Seating was another big concern. I had found the perfect Great Hall table at a thrift store, but the damn thing was ENORMOUS and I wasn't sure how on Earth I was going to get seating for nine into my tiny dining room. 

My dream was to have benches like they do in the films and books, but that was going to be too cumbersome. So I ended up buying several stools from Ikea and painted them purple. It took several coats but they turned out pretty good!

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