Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hogwarts Express

My front porch was dressed to resemble a train car from the Hogwarts Express. 
I am no gardener so my huge flower beds were full of weeds and debris. Not at all attractive! So I spent a day digging everything out and filling the beds with river rocks. This at least provided a nice clean slate to start from.

I decided to use this old baker's rack that I was no longer utilizing to create a luggage rack for the train car. I simply removed the shelf and drawer and spray painted the whole thing black. I had plenty of old luggage (real and decorative) to fill it!
I wanted guests to pass between platforms 9 and 10 to get onto the Hogwarts express so I made two plaques and hung them from the edge of my porch's awning.
I purchased this brass clock at a hobby store and I simply could not pass up this official Hogwarts Express sign!
Next, I bought a set of cafe curtains and thin brass curtain rods. I didn't want to put holes in my shutters so I hung the rods from twine hung from the ceiling!
The train car seats were actually my dining room chairs. Hedwig waited patiently in her cage.
Once again, there was no passing up this official Leaky Cauldron sign.

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  1. Just found your blog after googling some Harry Potter ideas.The first word that came to mind was WOW!What awesome decorations you have used,it looks incredible!!

    Love Fauve