Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Invites and the Marauder's Map

The invitations for my party were fashioned to resemble Hogwarts Acceptance Letters as closely as possible. After seeing Britta's amazing Marauder's Map, I just HAD to make my own. Each student received one with their letters. The envelopes were sealed with a wax "H" stamp
But first, I sent out Save the Date Cards to give my students plenty of time to move their schedules around. I mailed them Molly Weasley style with many, many postage stamps!
 The Marauder's Map was truly a labor of love. I designed it to be both impressively detailed as well as informative. This map would include information on the date and time of the party, my address, directions to my house, and a map OF my house. 


  1. Oh wow, this is great!!! My bachelorette party is on Halloween and the theme is going to be HarryPotterHalloween :D I stumbled upon your page and I love your party ideas and creativity!