Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Owl Post

In addition to winning House Points for each challenge, students also won prizes delivered by Owl Post! To keep each winner from being encumbered by their winnings, I set up a goodie bag for each student to keep their prizes in. When a prize was won, it was given to a house elf who then put it in the proper bag to be taken at the end of the party. 
Each prize was wrapped in brown butcher paper, tied with string, and labeled with decorative tag! Hedwig was perched atop the pile of parcels.
The prizes, and what they were awarded for, were as follows:
Time Turner Necklaces and Sticker Books for Care of Magical Creatures
Patron Tequila for Potions
Joke Wand for Trivia
HP Journals and Pens for Divination
Quidditch Goggles for Snitch Seeking
HP Bookmarks and Cockroach Clusters for Snape's Potions Challenge
A Gold Trophy with "House Cup 2007" engraved on it for having the most House Points!

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