Monday, July 4, 2011


Here's a look at one of the many rooms I put together for my Harry Potter Party.
I was very excited to have a true Divination Class at my party. So I delved into the books and decided that I would need short tables, poufs to sit on, crystal balls, and many tea cups. 

The very first purchase I made for my party was a box of five light fixture globes from a yard sale. They were just clear globes with an opening at the top. I located brass stands at a hobby shop that were intended to hold decorative balls. These made for perfect (and inexpensive) crystal balls. The many cups and saucers were sporadically picked up at various thrift stores.
The fun part came when I finally decided to tackle the task of finding four short tables and eight poufs. I found a stack of "storage" tables at a discount store for only 6 dollars each. I sawed the legs of each table in half and painted the tables midnight blue. I topped each with a crocheted doily that I spray painted gold. 
I found beanbag chairs for ten dollars at a hobby shop and snatched up eight of them. Soon after, I found twin sized fitted sheets in a lovely cranberry color for only five dollars and used them to cover the vinyl beanbags. 
The game I had planned for Divination class was to pair up the guests and ask them to predict the death of their partner using crystal gazing or tasseomancy. So I printed off these instruction sheets for each student and tied them like scrolls.
The rest of the room came together over time. I found these thick green curtains at a discount store for next to nothing, the many large tassels hanging around the room are actually Christmas ornaments that I bought during the post-holiday sales, the books and candles and other assorted knick-knacks were found on various sales racks and thrift stores. The tarot cards on the walls are arranged in real tarot spreads. The lights were dim for the actual party, lit only by small lamps and candles.

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