Monday, July 4, 2011

Potions Class

Here's a look at another one of the many rooms I put together for my Harry Potter Party.
I began my search for apothecary bottles and jars fairly early in the process for planning my party. many an ebay dollar was put toward finding the perfect bottles.  I took a page out of Britta's Book when it came to the potions challenge for the party. She had labeled bottles with a magical ingredient name on one side of the bottle's tag and it's muggle ingredient on the other side. The challenge was for the students to concoct the tastiest potion. I shamelessly stole all of these ideas :)
In my kitchen, I set up four stations for the students. Each station had a cauldron, ladle, set of measuring spoons, pestle & mortar, sample jar, and turkey baster for transferring a bit of their potion into the sample jar. They were also given a form to fill out with the name of the potion, what it did, and what was in it. 
I had great fun filling each of the bottles (about eighty altogether) with various ingredients and imagining what magical substance each could be. There were minimal decorations in Potions Class due to the tiny size of my kitchen, but there were plenty of creepy objects tucked into corners and behind jars. Skeleton candles, brass scales, tattered books, and parchment scrolls littered the counter tops.
After everyone had sealed their sample jar, my two house elves tested each potion and judged which was the tastiest. My two Slytherins each won a small bottle of Felix Felicis (aka Patron Tequila) as their prize.

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